Pushing Bounderies
Chase & Hailey's
In the world of BDSM, Hailey has learned the hard way that trust given has a way of leaving her broken-hearted.
Now she works with her brother, Nathan, and his handsome co-worker, Chase, in the most popular BDSM club around and Chase is pushing for nothing less that complete submission

Hailey was always an awkward child that couldn't understand her parents and the life they led.
Never feeling that sense of belonging,
she hid behind books until going away to college.
But college brought about a new set of challenges as Hailey discovered the pain of what she thought of as her first love while a new friendship draws the butterfly from a self-built cocoon.
Enjoying a self-confidence she never possible, Hailey finds herself in the very life she scorned.
It doesn't take long before Hailey realizes that BDSM is more than a family trait, it becomes something she craves but another failed relationship has caused her to question any decisions and do everything she can to not make the same mistake three times.
When Hailey goes to work for her brother, Nathan, at Boundaries, a popular BDSM club her brother and Chase created, she finds herself yearning for something she's kept at bay for far too long and fearing that mistake she's been avoiding is too close for comfort.

Chase has had his eye on Hailey since he and Nathan built Boundaries and now that she's a free woman, Chase refuses to allow her fears to keep him away.
Years spent in Special Ops has honed his skills at accomplishing the impossible and getting Hailey isn't going to be impossible.
There was nothing better in Chase's book than a challenge - except showing Hailey how to fly ... and he's the dominant to do it.

I absolutely love how this book flowed as I wrote it and there are many characters to work with in follow up books.
I'm adding an unedited preview of Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Preview (unedited)



Nathan grabbed two beers from the small stainless steel refrigerator in his office and handed one to Chase before he took a seat on the black suede chair across from his best friend.

“So, what do you think?” Chase asked, the hand with his beer, waving to the office they sat in.

Popping the top, Nathan smiled and looked around the newly finished office.

Steel beams crossed overhead, concrete walls and floors along with the black monochromatic furnishings gave the room an industrial feel. Black and steel were predominant in the room with plants and splashes of red spread throughout to keep it from being a cold environment.

Chase smiled and relaxed further into the cushions of the couch he knew was a hide-a-way bed. “I like the heated floors.” He propped his feet up on the matching overly long suede ottoman. “But you’re missing something.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’ll be perfect once I get my play area set up.” Nathan winked waving dismissively towards the bare corner by his bathroom.

Laughing, Chase looked in the bare corner he knew was going to be set up to cater to his friend’s dark tastes. “I’ve got a few ideas, if you need any.”

Looking at the glint in Chase’s eyes, Nathan laughed. “No thanks. I’ve seen yours and I like the more subtle approach.”

“‘Subtle’.” Chase ran his hands through his dark brown hair in thought. “Not sure how subtle a cross or spanking bench can be but I am sure you’ll figure a way to pull it off.”

“I already have, my friend. I already have.”

Leaning forward, he motioned Chase to take his feet off the ottoman and pushed a concealed button.

Chase’s eyebrows rose as the top portion rose and Nathan took off the top before pulling out two adjustable arms and showing a flat surface resembling a doctor’s examination table.

“Nice” Chase said with appreciation as he got up to look at the piece of equipment. “I love how the bottom is a storage space for lube, toys, restraints and everything else you imagination can dig up.

Nathan put the piece back to its original state and nodded. “It’s a start.”

Chase took in the devilish glint in his partner’s eyes and shook his head.

The two met when the Army assigned Nathan to the same Special Forces team Chase was on.

It took a while before they became friends because of Nathan’s sense of humor and boyish charm.

Because of the casualty rate during assignments, new recruits were called ‘kid’ or other non-descriptive names to keep a distance because all members knew that building a relationship with someone then losing them during their assignments was something no one wanted to encourage.

Chase remembered thinking the kid was going to be blown away on their first mission because he never took anything serious.

Even the rest of the team believed it enough to constantly warn Nathan he needed to be more serious or he’d get them all killed.

That first mission showed just how serious Nathan could be when their team came under heavy artillery fire while deployed in the jungles of Guatemala.

The ‘kid’ had the sharpest eye and deadliest aim Chase had ever seen, proving an invaluable asset to the team as he took out several insurgents, one of which had Chase in his deadly site, and the bond between them grew as they quickly learned the other had their back without exception.

When Chase discovered their mutual enjoyment of BDSM, the two became an inseparable duo even while on leave.

Their bodies honed for stealth and strength combined with Chase’s predatory look that drew out every woman’s darkest fantasies with dark brown hair and penetrating steel eyes while Nathan seduced them with his charm, dark blond hair, and laughing hazel eyes that said he knew what they needed and he was more than capable of giving it to them.

Because of his mother’s illness, Chase left the Army after serving almost ten years and Nathan finished eight years before being honorably discharged after receiving a gun wound to his left shoulder during a reconnaissance mission in Nigeria.

Together they owned Boundaries, a popular BDSM club on the outskirts of St. Louis that the two created from an old warehouse.

Because of its popularity, both worked harder than either imagined but neither could be happier.

Nathan smiled, showing even white teeth on a lightly tanned face, his eyes sparkling with pleasure. “Hailey’s coming home tomorrow.”

“Oh? For how long?” Chase asked, his gray eyes showing interest.

Leaning back, Nathan also placed his feet on the ottoman. “Maybe permanently.”


Nodding, Nathan continued. “I hope. The company she worked for was bought out and they have their own accountants so she was let go.” Sobering, he shook his head. “Seems as if her asshole of a boss didn't forewarn that her job would be gone when the takeover happened.”

“That sucks.” Chase leaned his chair back and propped a foot against the desk his friend sat behind. “You gonna offer her partnership again?”

“I am and I need you to help me.”

Chuckling, Chase shook his head. “You know she wants nothing to do with me or our business.”

“No.” Nathan corrected. “She wants nothing to do with men in general and she’ll love the changes we’ve made. Some of which were her idea.”

“How does that make it any different?”

“Just listen, will you?”

“I’m all ears.”




Hailey enjoyed long drives where she had a chance to think but, with only one hour behind her and another five to look forward to, she had far too much time to stew over her current situation.

The lengthy talk with her mother before she left her apartment for the last time only added to the thoughts swimming in her head.

Sighing heavily as she got off one freeway to get onto another, she had to chuckle as she thought about the woman she was slowly starting to feel comfortable around.

No one would have guessed the intellectual woman, who cussed out the umpire at her son’s baseball games, or demanded her daughter’s math teacher to ‘grow a pair’ when he complained at a parent/teacher conference because Hailey had a tendency to correct him, was a woman who submitted to her husband in every way.

Their father, on the other hand, had a quiet nature that took others by surprise when they found themselves following his lead or asking him direction in any given task if it didn’t seem so natural.

Although her parents were very unconventional, no one outside their select friends knew they were a couple that lived where he was master to her slave. They raised their children to think outside the box, accepting whatever life they chose to be a part of as long as they did not hurt another.

Since her parents always spoke to each other respectfully and their love was something they never hid from others, friends who stayed over never thought oddly of how their mom made sure her husband was comfortable and his needs always met.

If there were any comments, it was about their mom’s unique choker that she never took off. Something their father had custom made long before their wedding.

Even the rumors that they had opened a BDSM club was brushed away with responses of what upstanding citizens they were, how they involved their children in the local soup kitchen, as well as having helped sponsor a trip for the eighth grade class to the state capital every year.

Everyone loved her brother, Nathan, who looked so much like his father that many joked about his wild streak while they smiled over Hailey’s bookish manner as she constantly pushed over-sized glasses up her nose.

Mentally shaking her head over her growing years, Hailey wondered at the girl she had been and the woman she had become.

It wasn't that she hadn’t had a wonderful upbringing.

Both her parents loved her unconditionally.

It was just that she was always the awkward kid always trying to fit in and never feeling as if she succeeded.

While her friends complained about their parents and how they didn’t understand or support them, she was dealing with a mother who talked with them while cooking dinner, helped with their homework, played games, or watched cartoons with her and a father that took them fishing or to the beach every spare day he had.

Unable to relate with her friends, Hailey grew angry and frustrated.

Instead of seeing the good in her family situation, Hailey felt like an outsider as she sat there quietly while they complained.

Why hadn’t she been able to see that she should have felt fortunate instead of alienated?

Because, sometime around the age of fifteen, she decided everything should have a ‘label’ and her parents didn’t fit into any of the ones her friends used.

She tried thinking outside the box as her mother taught them but it made her feel different from what little friends she had.

Different wasn’t good at fifteen.

There were jocks, burnouts, band buddies, geeks, nerds, and other convenient labels that everyone fit in and yet she didn’t feel comfortable in any of them while her brother somehow belonged to all.

Her parents were another matter.

When she mentioned things to her friends to find out what they thought about BDSM, their disgust and thoughts about abuse and humiliation clashed with what she knew and she never brought it up again, which caused her to feel even more isolated.

Scared she would be ostracized if people found out about their sordid activities, she hid behind glasses and her schoolwork, losing herself in something she understood.

What came naturally to Nathan seemed impossible for her.

This became apparent when she heard her teachers, who had Nathan as a student three years prior, comparing them.

Her brother was the center of attention, loved by teachers and peers alike. He had no problem with grades any more than he did getting a date.

Hailey was an introvert that had exceptional grades but never went to the prom.

To a teenage girl who craved social acceptance, this was painful to her.

The times she resented a brother, whom she adored, made her feel horrible so she hid away in her room.

Times like now, she cried for the awkward girl she had been.

It wasn’t until she was well into college that she began to break out of her shell and she thanked her best friend Kristin Moretti for that.

Kara remembered choosing a college far enough away that her parents couldn’t stop by every day from the half a dozen scholarships she’d received.

Then she met Jeffery Marrow during a study group. He was the first boy who told her he loved her and, in return, she gave him her virginity.

It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but she chalked the lackluster occurrence to her first time. The next time was just as awkward and she figured it was because she didn’t know what to do and Jeffery wasn’t very approachable about the topic.

They never did anything other than missionary and oral wasn't encouraged so she accepted things as being the way it was suppose to be in a normal relationship.

Sex was not something she felt comfortable talking about and definitely not with her mother so, when she heard a conversation between two girls at the library and how exciting their sex lives were, she began doubting how things were suppose to be.

For the first time, she picked up a romance book she‘d heard mentioned and was stunned when she read the light bondage scenes.

She also got a little excited while reading them.

When she mentioned it to Jeffery, he stared at her in shock and actually blushed.

Self-conscious over his apparent embarrassment, she quickly brushed it aside and changed the subject.

Relieved he wasn’t the kind of man who expected a lot of sex, Hailey enjoyed his company, not realizing she was making excuses for her unhappiness in order to feel like she was in a normal relationship.

They went to plays and watched documentaries at the movies with his friends.

He showed interest in her clothes and her conversations, encouraging her to dress well and speak intellectually. Although he did frown at her passionate nature when discussing a topic she believed in and would always become involved and steer it towards a calmer discussion.

It wasn’t until six months later, when she’d gone to her Thursday night study group, that she went from brushing her concerns aside to seriously questioning her relationship with Jeffery.

Kara remembered that fateful night and thanked the powers that be for it every day of her life.

She’d been sitting awkwardly in Kristin Moretti’s small studio apartment when she hung up the phone for the third time.

“Well that leaves just you and me.” The beautiful girl said.

Winter was approaching and everyone was calling to say they were too sick or unable to make study group so it was just her and the beautiful Italian girl.

Hailey knew Kristin modeled between classes to pay for college and since the girl was also at the top of her class, Hailey didn’t see any reason to stay especially since she couldn’t focus on working through problems and helping others enough that she could forget her anxiety over Kristin’s intimidating good looks.

Now there weren’t any buffers between them but when Hailey was going to leave, Kristin brought out the margarita mix and told her to order pizza.

Never having been one for drinking, Hailey had her concerns but, again, that need to belong kicked in and she accepted her first glass.

It was during their second margarita that the pizza guy knocked on the door and Hailey watched in amazement as Kristin flirted her way out of paying for it and setting up a date with the good-looking young man.

Mouth open, Hailey shook her head. “How did you do that?”

Kristin winked. “Do what?”

“You just got that guy to give you a free pizza and set up a date.”

Plopping down on the couch, the girl grinned. “Oh c’mon. You can’t tell me with your good looks, you don’t ever do that.”

Hailey choked on her drink. “Good looks? Me?” Then she laughed. “This coming from a model.”

Kristin sat up and stared at her. “Seriously?”

Hailey snorted in answer and took a slice of pizza, trying to ignore the intense look Kristin was giving her.

“Do you ever wear makeup?”

Suddenly self-conscious, Hailey shook her head. “I tried it once in high school – on picture day no less – and I will forever be reminded that thick dark blue eye liner doesn’t go with me.”

“I always thought you were just either being lazy or liked the natural look when you came over or went to class without makeup.” Kristin tilted her head as she took a longer look. “You are pretty without makeup but I can imagine you with the right colors to bring out some wonderful features.”

Hailey laughed. “You’ve had too much to drink! I have the plainest brown hair and hazel eyes.”


“Kristin, come on, you’re being very nice, but be serious. I have nothing to bring out.”

Kristin stared at her in stunned silence before snapping out of it. “Grab your drink and come with me.”

Doing as told, she followed the girl. “Where are we going?”

“I have way too much makeup to bring out here, so we need to go to my room.”

Kristin put her drink down on a vanity and did the same for Hailey’s then pushed her into the bathroom.

Setting some things on the counter, Kristin told her to wash her face, what to put on when she was done, and then to come back to the bedroom.

Hailey walked out of the bathroom after following the directions and Kristin pulled out a chair. “Have a seat.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Isn't it obvious? Play fairy godmother.”

Feeling good from the margaritas, Hailey patently sat still for Kristin, enjoying the pampered feeling. “When can I look?”

“Pucker up.”

Hailey pursed her lips and waited until Kristin finished applying lipstick, following the motion to press her lips together.

“Now you can look.”

Turning in her chair, Hailey was ready to laugh at the spectacle she was sure the other girl made of her since they had been laughing the entire time. Instead, she stared at her reflection.

Eye shadow brought out the green in her eyes and a light colored gloss made her lips look full and pouty.

“I told you.” Kristin said quietly.

Hailey couldn’t say anything, too amazed at the face in the mirror.

“You really didn’t know. And here I thought you were just a little bit stuck up.”

That shook Hailey out of her daze. “Me? Stuck up?”

“Well your boyfriend kinda helped give me that impression.”

“What about my boyfriend?”

Kristin grinned sheepishly. “Well he isn't … doesn’t … you know.”

“No. I don’t know so tell me.”

“Oh, we’re gonna need another drink for this. Come on, I’ll get the blender going.”

After filling their glasses, they began talking. Kristin shocked her with the first question.

“Have you had sex with him?”


“So you haven’t.”

“We have.” Hailey said indignantly.

“You have?”

Nodding emphatically, Hailey took a gulp of her margarita, barely wincing at the double shot Kristin put in.

“Is he any good?”


Shrugging, Kristin leaned back on the small couch. “Just curious.”

Blaming the alcohol and thankful for the courage it gave her, Hailey figured now was the perfect time to talk about all the things she had wondered about but never had the right kind of friend to ask. “I suppose it’s never like the romance books we read about. I mean, those are real.”

“In what way?”

Blushing furiously, Hailey took a bite of pizza.

“Oh c’mon.” Scooting forward Kristin smiled. “Ever have an orgasm?”


“Never? Through sex? Oral? Masturbation?” Kristin’s eyes grew rounder each time Hailey shook her head. “Okay, okay. Let’s back up here. So you are dating a man who sucks in bed.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Oh, girlfriend, you didn’t have to say it.”

“What? You have orgasms?” Hailey threw out belligerently.

“Hell, yeah.”

That stopped Hailey. “Every time?”

Laughing, Kristin shook her head. “I am not that easy to get off and sometimes I just want to enjoy it without the stress but, when I am in the mood, I let them know it’s not done until I am satisfied.”

“Really? You tell them that?” Hailey canted her head to the side. “And what do they say?”

“What are they going to say? ‘No, sorry, I don’t care what your needs are.’? Pffft that.”

Amazed, Hailey watched the girl grab a slice of pizza and scoot back on the couch while her mind started digesting the information.

“Were you a virgin, Hailey?”

Nodding absently, she took a sip.

“That answers a lot.” Kristin snorted.

They sat in Kristin’s small apartment and talked most the night, Hailey asking everything that came to mind, thankful that Kristin had no problem being forthright with her answers.

When they were both exhausted, Kristin made the couch for her to sleep on and gave her a couple aspirin and water. “I don’t know if you’re a lightweight or not, so better safe than sorry. Make sure you keep a glass of water nearby so you can keep hydrated. That should keep the hangover at bay.”

Yep, Hailey thought as she pulled over for a police car with its lights flashing. That night was the beginning of the end to her relationship with Jeffery.

She remembered waking up the next morning and quietly folding the sheets and blankets when Kristin came out.

“How’d you sleep?”

Embarrassed because of the previous night’s discussion, Hailey smiled shyly. “Not bad.”




Smiling sheepishly, Hailey asked, “Did I wake you?”

“Naw, I got a text from…”

Just then, Hailey’s phone buzzed.

When she glanced at it, Kristin laughed. “Let me guess. Your classes were cancelled too.”

“Yeah.” She smiled.

“Hmmm.” She looked Hailey up and down. “You have a credit card?”

“My parents let me use theirs.”


Suddenly concerned over the glint in the other girl’s eyes, Hailey asked, “Why ‘perfect’?”

Taking Kristin’s 4-wheel drive, they went to the mall.

Hailey was exhausted but happy by the time she finally convinced Kristin she had enough clothes, wondering about the phone call she was sure to get when her parents got the bill.

On the way back to Kristin’s apartment, Hailey smiled at her new friend. “I want to thank you, Kristin.”

“Yer welcome.” She grinned back.

“I’m serious.”

“I know you are and I am too.” They pulled into the carport and Kristin turned to look at her. “Not only are you too wrapped up in your school work but you don’t have enough confidence to realize that you can do better than Jeffery.”

“I like him.”

“Again, because you don’t know any better.”

There was a pause.

“Is Jeffery the jealous type?” Kristin asked.

“Jealous? Of course not -”

“You have classes tomorrow?”

“No, my next class isn’t until -”

“Good. My modeling job was postponed because of the weather and I don’t have classes either so we’re going to change your perspective tonight.”

“We are?”

“Yep.” Climbing out of the vehicle, they grabbed the bags from their shopping excursion. “You’re staying the night and we’re going clubbing.”

Shocked, Hailey stood rooted to the spot as Kristin unlocked the door and stepped inside.

“You coming in?”

Walking past Kristin, Hailey stepped inside. “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“I know you don’t.”

“So we shouldn’t do it.” Hailey said in exasperation.

Taking a deep breath, Kristin took the bags from Hailey and set them on the coffee table. “Look, I’m not going to throw you to the wolves. We’re going to get dressed up and go for a drink or two and let you get a taste of something called life.”

“I’m only nineteen.”


“Really.” Hailey repeated sarcastically.

“Damn. Brains, beauty, and youth.”

“You’re not that old.”

“I turned twenty-one two months ago.”

“That’s not old.”

Kristin snapped her fingers as an idea came to her. “I know of a great club we can still go to.” She held up her hand to stop Hailey from commenting. “It’s eighteen and over so we can work on getting you a fake ID for the next time.”

“Next time?”

As Kristin went through their bags, Hailey paced. “I’ll be twenty in a couple months. Why don’t we wait until then?”

“You can wear these pants.”

Hailey caught the jeans as they hit her chest.

“What size shoes do you wear?”


“Okay, good. With socks, you can wear a pair of my boots.” The girl said distractedly as she headed for her room. “I also have a sexy little shirt you’ll probably fill out better than I could.”

Sighing miserably, Hailey followed her new friend, dreading the night to come.

Kristin stuck by her side the entire night, never pushing her to do anything she was uncomfortable with and never giving her a hard time for not dancing with anyone who asked, and she was asked often. Instead, she pulled her onto the dance floor and they danced together making that night an amazing experience.

She’d never felt so free in her life.

There were no hidden skeletons she needed to worry about, no peer pressure to do something she knew was wrong, only a bit of coaxing from someone who gave her a whole new view on life.

When she returned to her dorm room the next day, Hailey quickly put her clothes away, most of them folded neatly in bins under her bed.

When she heard Jeffery calling her name as he knocked on her door, she raced to let him in, her excitement dimming as soon as she saw his face.

“Where have you been?” He asked as he stormed in.

Shocked at his tone, she stepped back to give him room as he paced. “I went out with a friend.”

“I tried calling you.”

“I talked to you when we went shopping.”

“I’m talking about later.”

“Oh. It was probably the music.”

“What music?”

“From the club Kristin and I went to.”

“You went to a club and didn’t ask my permission?”

“Well it wasn’t planned and … wait a minute. Why do I need your permission?”

“You’re wearing makeup.” Jeffery said, ignoring her question.


“Are those new clothes?”

Frowning, Hailey glanced down then back at him. “Yes.”

“You look like trailer trash.”

“I - what?” She asked in shock.

“I don’t want you seeing this Kristin girl anymore.”

Walking over to the door, she held it open. “I think it best if you leave now. Maybe a night to clear your head will help and we can discuss this tomorrow.”

“I don’t need time to clear my head. More likely, you need time. You look like a whore with all that makeup and tight clothes and I won’t tolerate it.”

Mouth gaping open, Hailey stared in astonishment at the person in front of her. Jeffery had always been quiet and mild mannered. This was completely out of character. “What is wrong with you?”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong.” He got right up to her and pointed in her face. “One of my friends saw you at that club acting like a tramp.”

Hailey slapped him. “Leave. Now.”

She didn’t know what shocked her more, the fact that she had slapped him or that he made a fist.

“You deserved that slap but if you even try to hit me, you will find out what growing up with a brother who was the wrestling champion will get you.”

Jeffery stormed out the same way he came in, and then whirled to face her. “We’ll talk about this when you have gotten some sleep.”

“No, Jeffery. We will never talk about this. Ever. Because we are through.”

The door slamming shut cut off any comment he was going to make.

She stared at the door, her heart racing as she waited for him to knock.

Oh my God, I broke up with the only man who loves me.

No, I broke up with a boy who was unjustly cruel.

What did I just do?

After long moments of nothing, Hailey sank onto her bed and sat there dazed.

She’d always wanted to belong and she had belonged with Jeffery.

They were a couple.

They went out with his friends, played cards, and talked.

She did his laundry and he … she paused in thought.

What had he ever done for her?

“Oh my God, I’m just like my mother!”

Jumping to her feet and clenching her fists, she began to pace. Looking at things from a new perspective, she stopped making excuses for him and began looking at the last six months of their relationship.

“No. My mother would have chewed his ass out long before now.”

Throwing her hands up in exasperation, Hailey was determined to make a hole in the floor as she ticked off one disappointment after another on her fingers.

He didn’t care for her needs during sex. Even if she was embarrassed to talk about it, he knew she’d been a virgin and he should have said or done something.

He let her use her parent’s credit card when they went out to eat or to a movie, stating that he didn’t have the help from his parents like she did hers.

He admonished her in front of his friends when she went against what he believed and interrupted when he thought she was getting too excited.

He was a baby when she beat him at Backgammon.

“I allowed him to rule my world.” Hailey growled as she threw up her hands in frustration.

Hailey undressed and jerked on her pajamas.

Crawling under the covers, she gave in to the tears. “I’m such an idiot.”

The next day, she drove the four hours to her parent’s house, calling to make sure she wouldn’t be interrupting anything.

With Nathan in the Army, she was thankful she had her parents to herself. Mostly because, she didn’t need him playing big brother right now.

When she walked into the kitchen and her mother saw her hair, makeup, and new clothes, she put down the spoon she was using to stir the spaghetti and hugged her. She was thrilled when Hailey confessed to her spending spree and insisted she send pictures when she could.

Hailey found herself comparing her parents to her own relationship and couldn’t understand how she screwed up so thoroughly.

Of course, her mother noticed Hailey’s emotions and asked if she wanted to talk about it but she brushed it aside, blaming school because she wasn't ready to hear any ‘I told you so’s’.

Even then, she’d been a stubborn fool.

She so desperately needed her mother’s approval even as she hated what her parents represented.

How mixed up can one kid get?

Surprisingly enough, her mother always seemed to know what to say, even when Hailey didn’t.

She enjoyed a couple days at home with her parents especially when her dad took her ice fishing but, because of the snow, she left home early to ensure she made it back to campus in time.

Before she left, her mother hugged her tight before brushing her hair from her face. “Don’t be too hard on the decisions you make. There are going to be mistakes and some are going to be bigger than others. Remember, we learn from our mistakes more so than from our successes.”

Brushing a tear from her cheek, Hailey sighed at the memory.

Stopping to grab something to eat and stretch after driving over half way, Hailey took a deep breath as she admitted to what her problem was.

She simply never learned from her mistakes.

Walking up to the fast food counter, she ordered her meal and thought of how much of a surprise Jeffery had been.

His behavior was unexpected and she’d promised herself to be more meticulous in the future when it came to men.

Snorting as she stood waiting for her meal, Hailey blushed when a few in line turned to look at her funny and grinned apologetically before sighing as she admitted to herself that promising something and sticking to it were vastly different.

She proved that in her last relationship with Greg.

Who knew what would have happened if her brother hadn’t dropped everything to help her when that relationship came to a scary end.

Thanking the girl for her meal, she headed to her car and eased back inside the little compact and got back onto the freeway thinking about the events that led up to the worst mistake she ever made.

Thanks to Kristin and her constant influence over the next two years after ending the relationship with Jeffery, Hailey continued to learn about hair, makeup, and clothes, which also helped build her confidence.

She found that she preferred simplicity with her lighter skin and hair to Kristin’s darker shades, which complemented the girl’s Italian heritage.

They’d been friends for almost a year when Kristin asked if she wanted to try something daring.

“What do you have in mind?” Hailey asked.

“I’ve been going to this place for a few months and think you might like it.”

“You’re being awfully secretive.”

“I know, but I’m afraid you’ll say no if I tell you.”

“And yet, you seem to think I might like it.”

“I think our friendship is strong enough to survive if I’m wrong.” Kristin shrugged.

Something made Hailey pause. It was as if Kristin was worried about their friendship but wanted to trust it enough to test it on something unusual.

Kristin was her best friend and, if she wanted to go somewhere different, she would go. “It’s your birthday. We’ll go any place you want to.”

No matter what she thought, Hailey never expected her friend to pull up to a BDSM club and her voice conveyed her shock. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“You know what this place is?”

“Kinda hard not to with a sign that says ‘Whips’ and a neon girl holding one.”

Kristin parked in a vacant spot and turned to her friend. “If you don’t want to go in, I’ll understand.”

“What made you think I would like a place like this, Kristin?”

“As much as we are different, we are a lot alike.”

That stunned Hailey enough to make a funny remark. “So we’re both smart and sexy.”

That got Kristin to smile as she explained. “We both like to make others happy. We place others before ourselves. We’d rather be made the fool that make someone else feel bad.”

Blinking in surprise, Hailey shook her head. “Okaay. But what does that have to do with a club like this?”

“It’s hard to explain and now that we’re here, I think maybe we should forget about it and go someplace else.”

Hailey knew it was hard to explain. She’d spent her entire life trying to understand her parents and, no matter how much she loved them, she could never understand their lifestyle.

“This is going to be one birthday neither of us will forget.” Hailey grinned as she got out of the car before Kristin could put it in gear.

Although Hailey’s parents owned a club like this, she’d never gone inside.

Around the time she hit her teens, she began listening to the conversations between her parents, which sent her to do some searches online that more than satisfied her curiosity about what they were discussing.

It was as she grew older and her searches brought out a different kind of curiosity that she shut off her computer and refused to look into it any further.

Now here she was about to walk into the very place she shied away from all her life.

They walked into a small alcove and showed their IDs.

Because of her birthday, Kristin got in free and because it was Thursday, Hailey paid half price.

“Ten bucks is half price?” Hailey whispered to her friend just as they entered the room where she stopped to stare.

“It’s cheaper if you’re a member.”

Grabbing Hailey by her sleeve, she pulled her over to the bar and ordered two beers.

Absently taking the bottle, Hailey stared.

Kristin chuckled and leaned over to whisper to her friend. “Okay, if you keep your mouth shut while gawking, I promise we can get a closer look after you stop hyperventilating.”

Snapping her mouth closed, Hailey rolled her eyes. “I am not hyperventilating.”

“What do you think?” Kristin asked as she drew Hailey over to a table to sit, rolling her eyes good-naturedly when Hailey scooted closer.

There were two stages. One had a couple St Andrew crosses and the other a suspension rig. The rest of the room had more crosses and a number of spanking benches with tables and chairs at the other end next to the bar where they sat.

“Not a lot of people here and only a few playing.” Hailey whispered.

“I know. Most Thursday’s have a smaller crowd.” She patted Hailey’s knee. “I did that on purpose in case you freaked out. Figured we would either be leaving or you would have a chance to get used to it as more came in.”

“Are you a member, Kristin?”

The girl shrugged as she drank from her beer, not quit able to look at her. “Whenever you want to go, we’ll leave.”

“Pffft. I just spent ten bucks. I’m gonna get my money’s worth.”

Kristin laid a hand on her friend’s arm. “If, at any time you feel uncomfortable, we’re out of here. No ifs, ands, or buts. I promise.”

“I know.”

Smiling, Hailey refused to tell Kristin just how uncomfortable she did feel.

There was no doubt in her mind that Kristin had taken a huge leap of faith in her and their friendship and she wasn’t about to let her down. Besides, she always had a curiosity about this aspect of her parent’s life and now she had a chance to get a better idea than what the internet showed her.

They watched as a woman with long, straight, black hair and two vivid blue streaks on each side took a much larger man in nothing but a thong up to a cross, placed him in wide leather cuffs, and attached them to all four ends.

“She owns this place.” Kristin informed her.

“Why is he wearing a thong?”

“I don’t know if it’s state law or the owner’s rules, but all players have to cover their genitals and women also need to have their nipples covered. It’s why you will see black tape in the bathroom.”

Hailey nodded as the woman opened a large box the man had placed there earlier, took out a furry mitten, and rubbed the man’s back as she smiled and talked to him.

“Oh, that probably feels nice.”

Kristin agreed. “It does.”

Shock made her look at Kristin who blushed and grinned. Raising an eyebrow, Hailey shook her head, grinning back. “Just when I think I know you.”

“Gotta keep you on your toes.” Kristin winked.

When Hailey heard a crack, she whipped her head back and saw the woman standing with a whip.

Twice more the woman used it on his shoulders, a welt instantly showing.


“Don’t worry, Thorn is a masochist.” Her friend assured her.


“Most go by a nickname so they can keep their personal lives out of this.”

That made sense. “What’s her name?”

“Mistress Sapphire.”

While the two played, others came in and, by the time the hall filled with several more people dressed in corsets and leather, Hailey went from watching at the back of the room to getting as near as she could.

“You seem to like floggers best.”

Hailey turned at the low masculine voice. “What?”

“You watch those playing with floggers more so than any other implement.” The man whispered close to her ear.

Smiling as she took in the deep brown hair and darker eyes, she shrugged even as she enjoyed the shiver his words caused. “I really like the expressions that play on the girls’ faces.”


Kristin came up and handed Hailey a beer. “Master Sirius, this is my friend…”

Hailey smiled. “‘Sirius’. Brightest star in the sky. Nice.”

He returned her smile. “Not many know that.”

“I learned a thing or two in high school.” She grinned, keeping her voice low as well, knowing they were doing so to be respectful for those playing around them, and put out her hand. “My name is Hailey. I’m not really into this.”

Master Sirius shook her proffered hand and gave a slow smile that made her heart race. “I am sure everyone in this room has said they really weren’t into this at one time or another.”

Kristin laughed softly.

He pointed to the girl they were watching. “Take Flame here. She is a switch. Meaning she enjoys being on both ends of the flogger and enjoys the stingy side of her Master’s tools.”

Hailey frowned. “‘Stingy’?”

“Yes. Some toys tend to have more of a sting to them and others have what is called ‘thuddy’.”

Hailey smiled at the sound of his voice and nodded. “So, a whip would be stingy and floggers thuddy.”

“Actually, floggers can be either.” He said, smiling at her. “In the hands on someone knowledgeable, any tool can be used for pleasure or pain.”

“Interesting.” She turned away to hide the blush.

“Yes, it is.” He smiled at her. “But Flame started online in the many chat rooms the world wide web has to offer with a mindset completely different than today.”


“She was a dominant until she met Shadow Master. Now Flame happily submits to him. So you see that everything can change if you want it to.” He glanced over their shoulders before looking back at them and bowing. “Ladies, I am required elsewhere. Please enjoy the view.”

They stood watching the scene for a while before Hailey turned to her friend and grinned. “So, what name do you go by?”

Grinning lopsidedly, Kristin shrugged. “Bella.”

“Ohhh, nice.”

Kristin curtsied. “Thank you.”

As they were driving home, Kristin smiled at her. “Did you enjoy it?”

“It was interesting.”

Kristin laughed. “To say the least.”

“I can imagine how busy it gets on the weekends.”

“Sometimes there’s no room to play, sometimes it’s not so bad.”

“Do you play?”

“I do.”

“Have you played with Master Sirius?”



Keeping her eyes on the road, Kristin grinned. “And?”

“And how was it?”

“Why? Are you curious to know how it was with him or just in general?” Kristin winked at her.

“I don’t know.”

“Actually, as a new person, he would be great to play with.”

“What are you implying?”

“Nothing. Just saying.”

“So he’s not that good?”

“Oh, he’s good. He just prefers to stick to what he knows.”

“Which is?”

Kristin glanced at her and smiled. “You sure are curious about him.”

Hailey shrugged.

It was true. The man seemed confident, knowledgeable, and exuded sex appeal. He was probably only an inch taller than she was since she looked slightly down on him in her short heels, but everything about him including his dark looks more than made up for it.

“Okay. I played with him some time ago.”

“‘Some time ago’? How long have you been into BDSM?”

“Maybe a year. Anyway. I had a great experience but one can only be tied up and spanked so often before wanting to experience other things.”

An image of Master Sirius spanking her popped into her brain and she clenched her thighs as the thought turned her on. Pushing the image aside, she listened as Kristin went on.

“He’s big into Shibari, which is rope play. Different knots and such.”

They drove in silence the rest of the way and, when Kristin pulled into the parking space in front of Hailey’s dorm, she turned to her friend. “Thanks for going, Hailey. I hope you weren’t just playing along to not make me feel bad.”

“No. It was interesting. Gave me things to think about.”

“Oh yeah?” Kristin grinned. “Wanna go again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”


“Maybe. Let me think about it.”

“Okay. Sometimes they have demonstrations. I can forward you the flyer and let you look over it.”

Nodding, Hailey got out of the car before leaning down to look back in. “You’re my best friend. Do you know that, Kristin?”

“If I see you again and it doesn’t feel strained then I’ll believe ya.”

“You got it.”

Hailey smiled at the memory as she drove. She proved her loyalty to Kristin and their friendship as they got together for lunches, girl’s night out, dancing, and even returning to the BDSM club.

She found that she could let her curiosity grow without feeling like a freak.

Kristin introduced her to friends that were open to her questions making her feel more comfortable.

Kristin even showed her a website where she could get online and chat with people from the club as well as all over the world.

She never told anyone about her parents. The idea either made her feel like she was trying to belong, or would open up to criticism because of how little she knew, so she kept it to herself figuring they would like her for the way she was – or not.

She was able to watch Master Sirius as he used the suspension rig on one of the stages. He even asked if she wanted to try but she blushed and shook her head.

That all changed when they went to the club for her twenty-first birthday.

They’d been going more often over the last couple of months and Hailey enjoyed walking into a place where people greeted them with smiles as they were waved over to sit with them.

“Are you going to stand by and watch, or do you plan on making your birthday a special occasion and finally let me tie you up?”

Ignoring her blush, Hailey turned to Master Sirius and smiled. She did want to do more than just watch and she had spoken with Kristin about this. “Will you let Bella stand by me?”

“Two beautiful women on stage with me? How could I say no?” His smile widened. “I would love to tie you both.”

Grinning, Kristin shook her head. “I want Hailey to enjoy this first time on her own so she knows what it feels like without having to share the experience with someone besides the one tying her up.”

“Understandable and very true.” He returned his attention to Hailey. “Do I get to play with you naked or clothed?”

Knowing he meant with her in panties and tape she still blushed.

Never having seen anyone play fully clothed, she didn’t want to be different and had been struggling with this moment since talking about this with Kristin.

“I can remove my clothes, but want to keep my bra and panties on.”

“Excellent.” His eyes sparkled. “Do you have any hard limits?”

Having asked questions, Hailey knew that meant what she absolutely refused to happen in the scene. “I … well …”

Winking at Hailey, Kristin took Master Sirius’ arm and pulled him away. “Let’s chat.”

Hailey nodded in relief and blushed further as they walked away.

Since she and Kristin had been chatting about this over the last few days, she knew her friend would be able to say what she couldn’t.

For weeks, she’d been looking forward to her birthday, building up her courage to get a taste of what had created angst in her high school years and a growing curiosity once she was able to shed her fears of others not liking her because of her particular interests.

Turning on another exit, Hailey grinned as she thought about how spectacular that night had been.

Conflicting emotions of embarrassment and excitement at her semi nudity caused her to be very aware of what was happening.

She’d stood there in her cream panties and matching bra while he walked around her.

“I think we will use a blindfold on you.” He has commented in a low voice. “This will help you to believe you are not being watched, therefore allowing you to pretend you are not the center of attention.”

“That sounds good.”

He stopped behind her and leaned into her to whisper, “But you will be the center of everyone’s attention.”

Oh, my God. Was all she could think as he placed a blindfold over her eyes, her last visual was of Kristin grinning like a fool.

Master Sirius used rope to keep her hands behind her back then wrapped it around her upper chest and lower hips, suspending her with her body facing outwards, head at a higher level before he took more rope and tied one of her legs to keep it bent and spread apart.

Then she felt his hands soothing her hair off her shoulders before they trailed down her back, over her buttocks and across her legs.

Biting her lip as her nipples hardened, Hailey fought to keep still. Then she felt him in front of her.

“Beautiful. I love how your panties and bra are so light that, from a distance, it looks like you are nude.” His fingertip caressed her cheek. “I wonder if you planned that.”

Before she could comment, she felt his breath on her face as he continued. “How does it feel knowing that everyone is watching you? They are either wishing they were me and wanting to touch what is so beautifully displayed, or they wish they were you, the one that is so beautifully displayed and being touched.”

Swallowing the saliva that filled her mouth as he filled her head with erotic images, Hailey shivered. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t?” He tsked. “Let’s see if I can help you decide.”

Hailey tensed in anticipation, enjoying how his hands traveled lightly over her body, once barely brushing over her breast and between her legs.

“I believe it’s your birthday.”

She heard him from behind her, further down her body.

“We all know what we get on our birthday’s, don’t we?”

His hand trailed up her leg and caressed a cheek over the lace of her panties. His touch now firm.

Suddenly he spanked her and she gasped in surprise even though she had anticipated this.

“Count each one out loud for me, pet.”


Two more quickly followed.

“Two, three.”

He rubbed the sting his spanking caused and she couldn’t stop the moan that slipped out.

Then he slapped her again.

She counted each time his hand smacked her cheeks and pushed aside the confusion, enjoying every caress while secretly thrilled at the exposure as he played with her.

She felt the heat from his slaps and became more aware of how the lace of her panties rubbed across her cheeks.

Then his hand dipped between her legs and she whimpered.

“Ahhh. Pet has enjoyed her play.” He touched her as he moved up behind her. “”I think we have had a nice first play.”

She felt him ease her down and remove the bindings, When she was standing and he was removing the last of the rope from her arms she felt smaller hands holding her and heard Kristin's voice.

“Did you enjoy?”

She nodded and smiled wanting to tell him she would have liked to play more but couldn’t.

“I’m glad.”

When he removed the blindfold, she blinked but before she could focus, Master Sirius picked her up and carried to a chair where he sat with her on his lap.

Kristin placed a soft blanket over her and said she would return with water.

“Did you enjoy?”

Hailey grinned and nodded as he asked the same question Kristin had.

“I did too.”

Oh, how that made her feel warm all over.

“It was a pleasure to be your first. I am honored.”

“Thank you.”

“You can thank me by having more birthdays, pet.”

Hailey giggled and then caught herself.

She had actually giggled!

“There can be so much more to this, if you wish it. All you need to do is ask.”

He squeezed her in reassurance before she felt him move and placed a bottle of cold water in her hands.

“Bella opened it for you. I want you to drink some and then relax. Let me know when you are ready to get dressed but remember there is no rush. I am quite content to stay here.”

How he had wooed her. For months, they had gotten to know each other. He would come into the chat room on occasions and they would talk in private. When she gave him her cell phone number, they talked every night and on those nights she had to study or work late at her internship, he was very understanding.

When they went to the club, he played with her, always respectful and never pushing for anything more until she asked him to.

Kristin smiled at her enjoyment and even agreed to be suspended with her a couple times, causing Hailey to blush furiously while Kristin made funny comments behind her blindfold.

When her friend suggested she try doing something more, she declined, wanting Master Sirius to be the only one she played with, which caused Kristin to cautioned her in becoming too attached.

It was too late.

She loved how his voice sounded. How he touched her. She loved the feeling of being tied and exposed. She was thrilled every time he tried new positions with the rope, carefully pushing her boundaries. The biggest enjoyment was the spankings he gave her. She never knew they could be so enjoyable.

When the evening came that he asked if she would belong to him and eventually wear his collar, she threw herself into his arms and agreed.

Kristin was cautiously supportive but when Hailey told her she was moving in with him, she had to sit down and make sure Hailey knew what she was doing.

“I love him.”

“You loved Jeffery, too.”

“I was stupid with Jeffery. You gave me a backbone and that fiasco won’t be repeated.”

“What happens when you want more than he can give?”

“That won’t happen.” She held up her hand to stop Kristin from continuing. “And if it does, I talked to him about that and he said we would learn together. He just wants me to get completely use to this before anything else”

“I want you happy.”

“I am happy.”

“You’re just so new to all this. There’s no reason to jump into a relationship with one person.”

“I understand where you are coming from, Kristin. Really I do. But I enjoy the sexual aspects as well and don’t want to have sex with everyone I play with. Just Greg.”

“You don’t have to have sex with everyone you play with. I haven’t.”

“I know, and I didn't mean to imply you did.” Hailey hugged her friend. “Be happy for me, please.”

Kristin knew there was no talking her friend out of her decision.

“You know I graduate in a couple months and I’ll be moving to take that job offer out of state.”

“I’ll be fine.”

And she had been, for the first few months.

She loved how thoughtful he was about her.

He paid the rent and utilities while she took care of food and the basic household items as agreed on since he made more money.

As his pet, she took care of keeping the apartment cleaned and dinner ready when he came home. Breakfasts were always prepared when he got out of the shower and lunches ready to take to work

Greg told her that her biggest responsibility was to make sure to keep the collar clean on the mantle where he could see it and she be reminded of the commitment she would one day be making.

She started to understand how her parents lived their lives as she enjoyed hers with Greg, looking forward to the day he would collar her.

Most of all she enjoyed sex more than she had with Jeffery and, when she explained she only had one other lover, Greg had been pleased and very understanding.

She wore the corsets, miniskirts, and heels he bought her, excited when he said he relished how others looked at her knowing she was all his, so she ignored how she towered over him and began practicing walking in stilettos at home so she wouldn’t embarrass him in public..

She learned how to give him a blowjob the way he liked it and, since there had been many discussions on line about the subject, she accepted his reasoning that it wasn’t very dominant for him to return oral.

The only concern she had was their conversations.

Greg liked to keep their discussions simple and when she commented about something they watched on the news, he would tell her not to worry herself. Even when she tried to explain she wasn’t worried, just trying to have a conversation, he would turn the station to watch something else, smile down at her, and pat her head, saying he was too tired from work and just wanted to relax.

It was when he began stopping her from getting into discussions at BDSM parties, telling her it wasn’t becoming of a pet to voice her opinions and make her kneel at his feet so she couldn’t get involved with the discussion that she began believing he was embarrassed of her intelligence.

Since it reminded her of Jeffery, she tried to focus on other things and decided it was time to bring something new into their relationship so she wouldn't have to dwell on of her disappointment.

They had been together for several months when she mentioned how she wanted to learn about orgasms on command because she didn’t have many and thought it would help.

Greg pointed out that he’d already looked into the matter and explained she was probably one of the 70% of women who didn’t have orgasms. He smiled patiently and said he didn’t want to ruin her hopes when it failed and suggested searching for toys to help.

As much as it bothered her, because of her self-consciousness, it made sense and she was just happy that he had been looking into something for her so Hailey didn't push it any further.

She forgot her disappointment when he brought home a new vibrator with attachments and they began experimenting on the different uses. He allowed her to masturbate on her own and a few times ignored her embarrassment and made her do to in front of him, saying he enjoyed watching.

A few weeks later, she got the courage to ask him to use a flogger.

When Greg ran his hands over her body and smiled saying he never liked them because it took away from the skin-to-skin contact he loved so much while reminding her of the orgasms he’d brought her to with his fingers, she dropped the subject.

It was later the next week while he was at work and she was holding the collar that she began thinking of how often he brushed all her suggestions aside making her think of Kristin’s warning.

Sighing, she’d put the collar back and decided she needed to talk seriously with Greg. She was sure she could figure out a way to approach the subject if she was more careful in choosing her words.

That night, Greg brought home a large cage and said he wanted to try something new with his pet.

Thrilled that he had taken steps to do something new, Hailey brushed aside her misgivings.

Greg told her to decorate it as she liked, saying his pet deserved a beautiful place to go when ordered to do so.

Puppy play wasn't something she was into but she was excited that he seemed interested in doing something different so she bought a large thick pillow and blankets in a rainbow of bright colors and showed it to him when he came home from work.

Because he had begun to wait longer and longer periods to play with her, his smile of satisfaction made her heart race and Hailey had been elated at his renewed attentions.

Using the cage became a familiar occurrence as he had her curl up inside whenever he went to grab something from the store, or when they watched TV, or she took naps before getting ready for a play party.

Being separated from him wasn't something Hailey was fond of but she endured it because it pleased him and when he was happy, he was in a good mood and would do more for her.

Although Hailey knew things weren’t the same, she figured she just needed to go slower with her suggestions and stopped bringing up ideas to do so she smiled and waited.

She kept silent, became more attentive to his needs, and was feeling more confident as he smiled and had her curl up on his lap instead of at his feet or in the cage so, when she mentioned how amazing it was that a male slave they knew had gone into subspace, she was shocked when Greg became livid.

He accused her of questioning his abilities to take care of her the way he saw fit, and then punished her by sending her to the corner of the club, telling her to sit there and watch what she was missing.

When he stormed off, returned later with another girl, and began playing with her, Hailey’s heart sank as she realized he probably wasn’t going to change

Ignoring the fact that she was repeating the same mistakes she had with Jeffery, she squared her shoulders and decided to try a different tactic, something she hadn’t bothered to do with Jeffery.

During dinner one night, she asked if he would allow her to play with another while he stood by.

Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach when he had accused her of wanting to find someone else and, no matter how much she assured him she loved only him, he refused to believe her, once again telling her she wasn't ready for his collar.

In a moment of anger, she brought up how he’d played with another girl.

Standing to look down at her, he said that was his right as a master, forced her into her cage, and walked out.

Their relationship changed drastically as he started curtailing her phone calls and monitoring her online activity.

The night he made her stay in the cage throughout the night, only letting her out when he got up to go to work so she could make him breakfast, causing her to be late for her morning class, was when she forced herself to admit she’d changed to please him and lost herself in the process.

When he came home from work, she told him how she felt, including how his punishment for her caused her to miss her class, which was something they agreed would never happen.

Greg didn’t bother to apologize. Instead, he’d been abrupt and said he would be more careful the next time.

Angry, she began making comments when it came to the news or anything else that fascinated her. When conversations began that interested her at parties, she would join in, making sure they were standing so Greg couldn’t have her sit at his feet.

Hailey realized he was becoming distant but refused to be a doormat anymore. They might not have a relationship of equality but she wasn’t going to leave her intelligence behind anymore.

It hurt when he responded by denying her her own pleasure, telling her she wasn’t allowed to have an orgasm or letting her to masturbate on her own.

The final straw was when they went to a play party a few weeks later.

Greg had grown angry with her because he wanted to tie another girl up with her and she’d refused. Hailey was irritated because he knew she didn't like to play with someone she didn't know.

When he took her to the suspension rig, tied her up, placed a ball gag in her mouth, and left her alone to chat with his friends, it was over.

Forcing herself to remain calm and breathe deep while people walked by and sent her covert looks, she put on a mask of nonchalance.

Hours later, she kept silent when others showed concern for her circulation and he finally let her down.

During that time of confinement, she realized she no longer knew the man she had once claimed to love and decided it was time to leave a situation she should never have allowed to last this long.

He became distant if she didn't go along with his wants, always withholding the collar she resented and no longer wanted.

She kept quiet on the drive home, certain he wasn't saying anything just to punish her.

When she was safely home and no longer worried that he would make her walk in the revealing outfit he told her to wear, she changed into her pajamas and sat at his feet as he flipped through channels.


He grunted.

“Can we talk?”

“Are you going to apologize?”


He put down the remote and frowned at her. “You embarrassed me in front of my friends.”

“I embarrassed you? How?”

“You are to never deny your Master anything.”

“I told you before I don’t like playing with people I don’t know and you still asked me to play with her. It’s not my fault you did it in front of your friends.”

When she went to rise, he pushed her back down. “You do not rise until I give you permission.”

Greg always kept her in a submissive position, but he’d always done so gently.

When he glanced at the cage, she lowered her eyes and nodded. “You’re right, Sir. I know better and will never do that again.”

He hauled her up onto his lap and hugged her. “That’s a good pet. Next time you’ll behave properly, wont you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

The next day, while Greg was at work, she skipped classes, spoke to her counselor about returning to the dorm, packed up her car, and stored what she had in the new room the school provided.

Then she returned to the apartment and waited, glaring at the cage with her bedding and everything he had ever bought her shoved inside, knowing she would never get in one again.

When he got home, she had his dinner ready.

Greg sat before his plate and motioned for her to take a seat but when she refused, he frowned up at her.

“I’m leaving.”


“I am not coming back.”

“You are asking for your release?”

“No. I am not asking. I am letting you know from one human being to another that this relationship is over. It was over the moment you forgot to care about me and I should not have let it drag on.”

“You are a slave.” He said as he stood angrily.

Refusing to back up, Hailey shook her head. “I know the difference and I was never your slave.”

Hailey had a moment of déjà vu when his face turned red and he balled up his fist, but he threw out his arm instead and told her to leave with the clothes on her back.

Knowing everything she owned was at the dorm, she nodded and left, quietly closing the door, her last glimpse was of him staring in astonishment as he finally saw the cage.

She called Kristin and told her it was over without going into detail, thankful her friend never reminded Hailey of her warning. They talked for hours, Kristin listening to everything as Hailey spilled out her heart, then her friend changed the topic to what was happening in her local BDSM club in such a humorous way that Hailey was laughing by the time they hung up.

A week later, she finally got online after Kristin threatened her, relieved that Greg never popped in but rolling her eyes when her friends already knew about their breakup. A few of the dominants even got her into a private discussion to offer their services if she wanted to play.

She thanked them but admitted it was too soon, turned off that they were behaving like vultures.

It took her weeks to return to the club. Only more threats by her friend of taking time off to go down there unless she showed some backbone got her out.

Amazed that people were happy to see her since she knew Greg had been a long-standing member, Hailey sat with friends and enjoyed the evening.

When asked what happened, she simply replied by saying they just weren’t compatible, ensuring no blame was placed at either of them.

They hugged her in understanding and she was able to relax a little more.

Glad Greg never showed, Hailey still declined invitations to play that night and the next time she returned. After a month, she pushed aside her fears and decided she wanted to try things she had been missing.

Sometime later, a dominant entered that she always enjoyed watching during a scene. He was a large man, but she had seen him play with floggers and wanted to try that even before moving in with Greg so she approached him.

They were chatting about what she wanted from a scene when Greg walked in.

Hailey had been stealing herself for this moment and was sure she would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the fact that he showed up with the very girl she’d refused to be tied up with.

It certainly didn’t help that the girl was a petite redhead with curves that turned every man’s head.

The moment she saw the collar, Hailey knew nothing she had done to prepare herself for this moment would have worked.

The redhead was wearing one of the corsets Greg had bought for Hailey and almost spilled out of it but it was seeing the collar that Greg had kept on the mantel for over a year on the girl’s throat that caused her heart to shatter.

She bravely smiled up at the dominant and thanked him, but she was no longer in the mood for play.

Having seen the spectacle himself, he nodded but cupped her arm and spoke so only she could hear. “I hope one day soon, you realize you were too good for a man like him.”

She blinked up at him; her lips trembled as she tried to smile her gratitude as he repeated Kristin’s words to her about Jeffery.

Why was she the only one who couldn’t tell?

She said her goodbyes and left.

The highlight of that time was when company she had interned with hired her when she graduated Phi Theta Kappa.

She moved into a furnished apartment and dedicated her time to her work, swearing never to return to the club scene.

All was going well over the next few months as her heart tried mending until her cell phone rang.

It was Greg telling her they needed to talk.

Heart racing, she told him no, proud of how formal and steady her voice sounded.

It was obvious he wasn’t too happy but he hung up.

Hailey was to discover that Greg wasn't about to give up.

He called several more times over the week, even during working hours. Each time, her heart raced less as he became more demanding. Hailey became abrupt with him, firmly stating she wanted nothing more to do with him and eventually not answering when his number showed on the screen.

It was when he appeared at her work as she was leaving that she became furious.

When he grabbed her arm and pulled her out of easy view, she became slightly worried.

“Why won’t you answer my calls?”

“I don’t know how many ways I can tell you I want nothing to do with you, Greg.”

“You’re confused and talking with me will clear things up.”

“I don’t think your new pet would like the idea.”

His eyes lit up and he smiled, squeezing her arm tighter. “Jealous?”

“I was the first few days, but got over it quickly enough.”

“Is that why you don’t go to the club anymore?”

“I don’t go to the club because you’re an ass and I don’t need the bullshit in my life.”

His voice deepened in anger as he pulled her closer. “You will not speak to me that way.”

“Let go, Greg.”

When he sneered at her, she took his pinky and twisted, taking him by surprise as he released her and cried out in pain.

She pushed him away and ran to her car, using the remote to unlock it.

Backing the car up slowly, she kept an eye on him as he stood there rubbing his finger, the look on his face alarmed her but she refused to show it.

She went to a coffee shop on her way home because she was shaking and needed comfort food.

Getting back into her car with her favorite cappuccino and muffin, she put everything on the passenger seat and dialed her brother.

“Hey kiddo, long time no hear.”

“I need your help.”

He instantly dropped the cheery voiced and listened.

She told him everything, finishing up with what had just happened.

“I’ll be there before you go to work in the morning.”

Relieved and feeling like she was blowing everything out of proportion, Hailey headed home.

Cautious of her surroundings, she entered her apartment with a sigh of relief.

Putting her bag and cappuccino on the coffee table, she changed, grabbed the last of her mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sat on the couch waiting for something to happen.

The doorbell ringing startled her awake but Nathan’s voice had her rushing to let him in.

Hailey never knew what her brother had done all she did was give her brother Greg’s address and number and answered a few of his questions as he walked her to her room.

Nathan told her to get some sleep while he looked around the property before crashing on her couch.

The next morning, he followed her to work in his truck before heading off.

Near the end of the day, he called to tell her was bringing Chinese for dinner and would meet her back at her apartment when she got home.

The last hour of work dragged on before she could get out of the office and head home.

They talked late into the night about how her life had changed and he encouraged her to go back to the club, or find another, but to not let this situation keep her from what she was coming to enjoy.

He never warned her to be more careful or made her feel like an idiot, which only endeared him to her more.

Nathan slept on the couch and was gone before she got up the next day.