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I was really afraid to open this and, when  you see the title, you’ll probably agree with the hesitation. I mean, when a woman that appreciates the male *alpha* personality, how else would you think when you see something titled, “I need a pretty mommy to teach me so much … I has so much to learn from mommy (insert smiley face)”

So, without further ado, let’s see what this young (there’s an age gap of 26 years) man has to say … I’m just going to copy and paste … you tell me how I should reply!

Well, hey there mommy!! Gotta say first of all you’re just gorgeous lol !!! Like drop dead beautiful !!

Buttt well, I’m a paramedic, I have some crazy work hours, and I never seem to get to go out n meet anyone – that, and I have a couple of weird turn ons… That complicates matters – I mean, honestly its hard enough to meet mom’s, or cougars just out n about in general… let alone girls into pee I wouldn’t even know how to approach a mature lady, let alone ever bring up the subject of pee !! And that’s only a few things :S but ya Anyways, found this site n figured it’d be a perfect way to meet someone new, talk, who knows haha!! I’m really hoping to meet a cute loving milf kind of lady who is understanding, and will let me explore, and teach a younger curious boy all about ladies Smilie: :) haha

sooo Im 26, as i said im a medic, i work a inner city 911 truck… Im about six foot one, athletic build. Got some tats n idkkk, ive never tried online dating so im not too good with descriptions etc. I figure thats no way to get to know someone anyways, you gotta talk n see if ya click…

I can’t post pics on here cause of my job, but you’re so pretty and seem like exactly what I’m looking for, soooo you can text me anytime if you’d like, I can send you some pics n we can talk more from there XXXXXXXXXX !! (Yes, he actually gave me a phone number)

Alrighty, folks – what do you think I should do?

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Writers and Taxes

Well, that time is coming when I start getting all my receipts together to bring to the tax lady and I came across others who posted things they claim as taxes … quite a few of them surprised me and I’m wishing I had known of these throughout the year!

I hope the information I’m going to provide for those that are writers or aspiring writers will make up for my silence over the last couple of weeks while life was taking me on a roller coaster!

  • Write time travel? Deduct any places you visit (ie: historical sites), history books, and things like meals cooked from old recipes.
  • Don’t forget promotional giveaways and prizes as marketing.
  • fees to belong to library’s you use as research.
  • Post office or UPS shipping office box rentals for your business address.
  • Annual state fees for your LLC.
  • Mileage whether it be to a coffee shop to write, to that historical site, to a writing seminar, etc – to and from, of course.
  • Anything you use as research: Movie/theater tickets, newspapers/magazines. There was even one who deducted monthly cable bills because they got ideas for stories.
  • If you can’t write without listening to music, you could deduct all things related to music like Spotify, iTunes, earbuds/headphones.
  • The fees of owning your blog.

Okay, that’s  pretty good list of mainly things I didn’t think of with a few possible common sense ones.
One last suggestion given was to purchase the book The New (5th Edition) Tax Guide for Writers, Artists, Performers & Other Creative People by Peter Jason Riley, CPA

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy the Journey

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What Does the New Year and #BDSM Hold for You?

So you’ve gotten through 2016 by reading a book or watching a movie that held your interest and made you wish you were that person being tied down and played with. Maybe you’ve done further reading, gotten into some chatrooms, found others with similar yearnings and your juices are going stronger than ever … now what?

I hope you’ve discovered that the written word (as in a book) is more fantasy than factual. I mean, when I write about something it is in my complete and utter control – even when I talk about a BDSM scene where the submissive gives up her control to another, it is done as I’d want it to be done – as my reader would love to experience … but reality can be very different.
In some ways, it can be better but, for the most part, it isn’t.
Not to say that it wasn’t worth doing – everything should be worth doing! It just was not what was expected.

Anyway, I hope you figured out the realities of BDSM and, as you start the new year and decided to DO something about all these things swirling in your head, that you actually take the steps to seeing if you can have your fantasies fulfilled – smartly rather than rashly.

I know there are a couple things I’m planning on doing this year that I’ve put off. There is an event I’ve always wanted to go to and this year I’m going to go, dagnabit!
I’ve talked with the appropriate people and we’re in the planning stage to make sure there’s time to do everything I want and, no: it’s not centered only around BDSM.
More on that later … what I wanna know is the steps you’ve taken last year to get you to take the jump this year.
Maybe finally going to a munch/slosh? a true play party – either one hosted privately for a small group just for the night, one held at a small public venue – again: just for the night, or a larger one that lasts the entire weekend.

Or, maybe, you’ve taken the steps last year and you want to tweak it a little and try it again a different way this year.
I’m telling you that there are things I’ve tried that I didn’t like but, when I did it the second time, it was SOOOO much better … some things get better with practice and some tings get better as you learn more of the things you liked but reality showed you that there needed to be some changes.

Whatever you do or however you get through 2017, I hope you do it safely and enjoy it!

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#BDSM ~ New Year’s Eve

So you’re either one of three types of people. You’ll either be sitting watching the ball drop, at a bar counting down all the other drunks around ya, or yer gonna be at a party … counting down with all the other drunks around ya.

I’m going to put myself in the 3rd category except there will be very few people drinking so much that they will be drunk. That’s because BDSM parties don’t encourage drinking … we don’t want people to miss their mark! … It’s not like everyone draws a bullseye, dontcha know?!?

So, what’s different from a vanilla NYE party vice a BDSM one? Well, outside of the play space, nothing really.

If there’s a theme (black and white for the one I’m going to), people might try and follow it … or not.
Some folks will be in suits and some will be in jeans. Other’s will be in a corset with dresses or whatever else they think is sexy – just like any other NYW party … of course, then there are those that will be in lingerie if anything at all ~ *wink*.

Folks will be sitting or standing and chatting about everything under the sun. Their children, car/job issues, what makes the best thuddy floggers, how the pizza rolls were made, or any other number of things.

People are bringing things to eat just as they would to any other house party that asked for folks to help out in that area. But many will be bringing toy bags as well.
So, as you raise your glass to bring in the new year, someone else might be raising a whip, cane, flogger … you get the idea.

So, take the equipment and toys out of the equation and there is no difference. a NYE party is a NYE party. It’s just that some prefer to celebrate by drinking, some by dancing, and others with beatings.

However you enjoy bringing in the new year, I hope you remain safe and warm. As for me, I have to go to my closet and find something to wear!

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#BDSM ~ #Gorean Style, finale … ?

The interview actually ended and a day went by and I had another question so this should be the last part of this series … unless you or I come up with more questions!
I was curious as how Master David ran his home. His expectations and such. Here’s his reply.

I was just 21 when I apprenticed to Sir Drake (young dumb and fulla cum) but he didn’t hold that against me ~ smiles.

If anything our relationship is more like a 1950’s house hold. I am the head of the house and make the decisions. Like the Captain of a ship I listen to My girl and evaluate her input but I make the choice of action. She is slave, and is very comfortable in that because she has full trust in me. On that point, it’s a pretty heavy burden to take this responsibility but, with her, it’s easy. We don’t argue, fuss or fight and if anyone is hard on her it’s her own self.

I am a patient person although I do have a short fuse in some things. My motto is this, “Obedience above all else for everything else flows from that“. No other rules per`se. I expect her to be polite and courteous at all times despite people being “unsavory”.

The one thing we maintain in all places is our relationship. My girl is getting old now and her back and knees (she was a pro body builder at one time) are going bad on her now so I’ve modified her positions for service to standing ones. They are all geared towards being usable in all venues.

I have her call me “Sir” rather than “Master” most of the time so there is no slippage in vanilla places. But she uses “Master” when among lifestylers.

As far as interacting with other lifestylers, I require her to show respect for all, even if they don’t deserve it because she is a reflection of my Honor. She doesn’t have to think the person deserves respect, she is required to “show” only as a polite action. Usually I don’t associate with bad people, I do however maintain courtesy.

When in another lifestylers home the slaves all congregate in the kitchen and the Masters, Doms or owners all sit in the living room or out on the deck and talk…the girls/boys then serve us as needed.
If it’s a play party we go a higher protocol where she stands in service continually unless I am playing with her (she usually is near comatose from cumming so much). But in all things we are natural about who and what we are. If people don’t like us, it’s their loss and it’s nothing that bothers me (other than finding some way to piss them off even more LOL)

All in all, people are in awe of how natural we are and how happy we seem to be. And this is the important part we know who and what we each are, there is no struggle for power because there is complete trust. Also, the truly important part, is laughter.
I am a big goof sometimes because I have no sense of dignity LOL. One time (before My girl now) I owned two girls who were in the den watching tv while I was in the bathroom. For whatever reason, there was a coyote tail laying on the sink counter and since I was naked anyway, I stuck between the cheeks of my ass crack and strutted past the den door so the girls could see me. I was doing the prancing booty shaking thing and they were caught drinking sodas and thusly spewed them all over the tv and furniture because they were laughing so hard.
My girl has thanked me many times for bringing laughter into her life…and yes, I have made her cum and laugh at the same time.

Yes, I know what happens and I live vicariously through your girl, Master David and I look forward to seeing you in person in the new year after all these years of being friends. Thank you for your wealth of information, patience and – most of all – your friendship!

For my readers, let me know if you have any questions because I love every opportunity I get to capture Master David’s attention

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