Jennifer France
Erotic Romance Author

California native, Jennifer France served in the

U.S. Navy from '85 to '05.

Now retired, she lives in Michigan in her dream home with her husband. She is a mother to a daughter, twin boys, and two miniature doxies who prefer her side of the bed.

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Come to my first book signing Oct 6th in Lapeer, MI at The Book Shelf!
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Okay ~ so that's me in a nutshell that you'll see on my books - here's the longer version...

At 20 years old I joined the Navy and my 4 year tour lasted 20 where I lived in Greece for a couple years and have been to over a dozen countries from Iceland to Egypt.
In that time I met and, after 4 years of dating (in which I showed him how spoiled I was), married my husband.
We've celebrated over 20 years of marriage with the kind of love my books are tailored after.
When I retired, we moved to Michigan where my dad laughs every time he visits because I'm a city girl living in in the country where the smell of planting season is as overpowering as the beauty can be breathtaking.

I have always had a vivid imagination and, while deployed, there are so many alarm clocks going off for my 250 roommates to get to their watches and/or jet planes landing that I had a hard time sleeping so I always fantasized to help me drift off.
I never could just enjoy the daydream for what it was and had to have the storyline make sense.
When I retired, I began writing those daydreams down and, with the encouragement of a friend, to get it published. 

I hope you enjoy my dreams as much as I do!
Thank you for visiting my small portion of the World Wide Web where I can chat about my my daydreams / fantasies / realities and the books I put them into.
Grab a cup of java or anything else, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey with me!